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The Team

Ali Raheman


Ali is a young inventor-entrepreneur that seeks to solve real world problems through innovation. He patented his first Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality prototypes in 2013 and continued on to implement concepts like autonomous robotic infrastructure. In 2016 Ali started Drovionics, a trial of humanizing robotics with Mixed Reality Mobility, a move that found its first application in Rido, a unique traffic-compliant dock-less bike sharing solution. Autonio is the next step in his goal to empower people to control their own finances through blockchain technology.

Michael Morton

Head of Finance

Michael Morton is a rebellious philosopher & Blockchain Entrepreneur. He’s the founder of GNEISS, and Morton Bitcoin Management. He was Senior trading analyst at Ethereum labs. He brings his experience in both Finance and Blockchain to the project. Michael values freedom, free markets and fair business.

Manuel Flores

Business Developer

An international business developer and social engineer, Manuel specializes in strategic management & digital rhetoric. His experience working with Cryptonomex and other fintech industry leaders has fostered his expertise in distributed ledger technologies, forging his vision to tackle inequality by servicing BoP markets. With a deep-held belief in service to others over service to self, Manuel finds purpose in building systems that decentralize power and democratize wealth creation.

Ben Sam


Sam is a software engineer whose first exposure to trading and trading related technologies came from working as an Equity analyst for Real Time Traders (https://www.nasdaq.com/author/rtt). Here he would analyze promising stocks, and produce various reports and trading suggestions, in addition to forecasting the price movements of the assets. Later he entered the world of crypto trading in which he now aims to bridge the gap between traditional wall street stocks to crypto assets trading.

Rajat Lonare

Project Manager

Rajat has worked as a Project Manager and Lead Developer for various blockchain startup projects. His passion and research in AI technologies and Algorithmic trading techniques gave him a strong background in understanding the market dynamics. He will be using these skills to keep developing and improving the expertise of Autonio in cryptocurrencies trading.

Rahul Pipaliya

Head of Development

Rahul is a computer engineer with over 3 years experience in programming in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. He is a new technologies freak. He is the Core Developer at Autonio since the very start and working extensively on core modules like Live Trading and Backtesting.

Ikram Ansari

Core Developer

Ikram is a young, energetic, electronics geek who recently completed his degree in Electrical Engineering. During this time, he also worked as a Web and back-end developer with various projects. His drive to learn new technologies helped him become an early adopter of Bitcoin. This has given him years of experience trading cryptocurrencies. He brings his passion, dedication, and a gentle approach to his work with Autonio.

Rishi Raj


Rishi has extensive experience in Indian and American securities markets: advising listed companies, investors and intermediaries. His past regulatory experience helps clients devise dynamic strategies to address their individual legal needs. He primarily concentrates on the securities market, general corporate law, and providing new ventures comprehensive solutions for their legal and operational workings.

David Bell

Head of Marketing

David’s background in digital, web development and SEO is a big asset to the team. He’s worked with established companies and startups alike to refine their message and grow their visibility online. His creativity and drive are demonstrated in the results his clients have seen. David is excited to see the vision of Autonio be fully realized and communicated to the market.

Loïc Arnould

Creative Director

Loïc is a strategic design consultant. He has been designing for more than 10 years, working to optimize branding, UI/UX, and processes for companies and startups. He focuses on improving or creating user experiences and eliminating uncertainty. Loïc will be working closely with the team to define a strong identity, redesign interfaces and bring Autonio’s exciting technology Loïc Arnould to users.

Jordan Pool

Media Director

Jordan brings a lengthy background in live television, digital media production and creative marketing to the team. His experience in digital media production has allowed him to enter the blockchain community and help companies get noticed. Jordan understands the importance of digital media in marketing and is excited to creatively communicate the value and Jordan Pool vision of Autonio to the world.

Tobias Kirmes

Community Manager

Tobias has an extensive set of skills that he has applied to assembling useful resources for the community. His kindness, patience, and knowledge of both the community and the products is invaluable to Autonio...Tobias’s main goal is to help people access blockchain technology, and guide users to soften the entry into Autonio services and products.

Andrew Wagner

Public Relations

Andrew is a Public Relations professional. He’s currently the founder of Coinfest, he is currently the Assistant Director at NewsBTC, and the Director of Public Relations at the Bitcoin Co-op....He has developed strategic communications plans, garnered extensive media coverage, produced Andrew Wagner marketing materials and coordinated numerous special events.

Adlin Ho

Marketing Representative Chinese Market

Adlin is a young entrepreneur currently pursuing Medicine. She is presently Chief Operating Officer at China Trimark Technologies, and works on massive integrated blockchain projects. She sees her work with Autonio as Adlin Ho part of a powerful vision to build a prosperous future.

Pavan Reddy

Asian Business Development Manager

Pavan is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of China Trimark Technologies. Pavan has been working extensively in developing use cases and real world applications for blockchain technology over the last several years. Having worked closely with the development team of the AI decentralized trading system, he is now focusing his efforts on accelerating the platform’s adoption in Asian markets as the regional Business Development Manager.

Rijas Usman

Asian Marketing Executive

Rijas is a skillful and experienced individual with a diverse background, making him capable of working across various disciplines. Despite his ongoing study in the medical field, his involvement in working with blockchain based projects is especially noteworthy. His work in finding and collaborating with a group of incredibly talented traders has produced significant results, demonstrating Autonio’s full potential in the industry. His work has played a crucial role in opening the door to the Asian market, and is currently working to bring increased visibility to the platform in the region.

The Advisors

Alex Altman

Alex is the co-founder and COO of Stratx. He is a leader in the Canadian cryptocurrency space, with over five years working as a cryptocurrency investor, consultant, and financial manager. Prior to forming Stratx, Alex served as the Vice President of Finance for Bitcoin Canada, and as a partner at Canada’s largest blockchain consulting company, MLG Blockchain. He began his career working in private equity where he was involved with the underwriting of real estate investments. Alex earned a B.B.A from Laurier University.

Asger Folmann

Asger is a crypto/blockchain influencer, investor, and advisor. His YouTube channel, "In It For The Money" has over 1 million views and is the go-to place to learn about crypto projects and market trends. He holds an MA in Danish & Communications, as well as an MS in Psychology.

Dan Sheridan

Dan Sheridan is the co-founder and Managing Principal at Hinoki Capital Management. Dan began his investment career at CastleRock Partners in 1995. He accumulated nearly two decades of experience there before leaving to start Hinoki Capital Management in 2012. Hinoki uses a combination of short/long positions to minimize exposure while consistently provide alpha to its clients. Dan brings his years of experience in finance, technical analysis, and strategic management to Autonio and is using it to provide valuable guidance to both the trading platform and the project as whole. He graduated SUNY Geneseo with a degree in Management Science in 1995.

Michael Horowitz

Michael is co-founder and CEO of Stratx. He is also the founder and General Partner of Chaintech Digital, a fund actively investing in blockchain based digital assets. Chaintech most recently closed on an investment in Singularitynet, a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. Michael is also an advisor on the project. Michael previously held senior management positions at investment banks that include: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and The Bank of Montreal. Michael earned a B.A. from York University and a Masters of Science in Management from Boston University.